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Autumn - Winterdecor trend No. 2 Miss Bloom

Think pink

It may be winter, but Miss Bloom will keep things looking rosy. Add colour to your home as well as your cheeks with pink tones to warm things up. From peach and blush, to fig and crimson; every shade will give your home a radiant complexion to help keep a smile on your face.

Boho chic

Bohemian finds a touch of elegance. Create an eclectic boudoir with a deep palette of plum pinks and earthy tones. Throughout the home, pile up soft furnishings, scatter walls with mirrors and macrame and sprinkle seasonal flowers in every room.

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Come into bloom

Powder blush

Give the place a light dusting of powdery pinks for a decor that's as fresh as morning dew. Pick from two of the most loved decor details, terrazzo print and matte gold accessories, to accentuate the chic look. Why not bring texture to the wall with feathered art that is one of a kind.

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Wake up and smell the roses
Miss Bloom Inspiration

Bloom of youth

Revisit childhood innocence and reminisce over the sweet little things. From unicorn mugs at breakfast to cat cushions to cuddle up to in the evening and delicate designs on notepads, there's something to keep you smiling all day! Find the simple pleasures in charming motifs and inspirational words.

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Cute as a button!

Let's create Miss Bloom

Customise a cute bunny jewellery box

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