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Spring - Summer decor trend no.5 Baïa Verde

Time for adventure

Want to lift your spirits? Look for adventures, exoticism and an abundance of colour! It's time to explore our Baïa Verde trend. Excite your senses with eye-catching prints, bright colours, jungle motifs and lush vegetation. Live your life in a Henri Rousseau painting!

Pile up the prints

Take inspiration from global traditional fabric and give it a modern twist: an easy way to embrace the trend at home. It's a fusion of African influences and urban decor. In the bedroom, bold colours liven up soft furnishings. For home accessories, the simplest of things are revitalised; tableware becomes wall art as striking plates move from the table to the wall!

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Liven up the place

Under the canopy

Freshen up your space with some life: just create your very own jungle. The terrace is an extension of your indoors, where plants are plentiful and even the smallest corner provides an excuse for new vegetation. For furniture and decor, natural materials return to their rightful spot outside. Even a tiger would feel at home.

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Natural instinct
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The law of the jungle

Decor that dares, wins! When it comes to the workspace be brave with a bold mix of colours, a little exotic touch or extravagant pattern. At your desk, use rattan furniture and accessories adorned with wild animal motifs. And for a well-deserved coffee break, try mugs that look like they will wake you up instead! Go on, be bold!

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A roaring success

Over to you to create a Baïa Verde decor

Make a hanging wreath from paper

30 min
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