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Autumn - Winter decor trend No. 1 Cosy Blue

Snuggle down

The secret to Danish high spirits? Hygge. It's time to adopt the lifestyle, switch to comfort mode and enjoy the little things with Cosy Blue. Fill your home with a palette of blues, warm throws and scented candles. All you need to settle down and relax!

I snuggle therefore I am

Hibernation season is upon us! When it's cold and wet outside, snuggle down with Cosy Blue. Layer up the throws; plain, printed, pom poms and all, to create a cocoon of blue. Not forgetting hot drinks served up on a tray and some notepads within easy reach for those thoughtful moments.

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When the weather's like this, you may as well take your time!

Midnight blue for party nights

Take Cosy Blue into the night. A few golden touches to your decor light up midnight blue, and will really make your festivities sparkle. On the table, bring people together with an inviting spread and candles that create a warm atmosphere to ensure people never want to leave.

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Allumez le bleu !
Cosy Blue Inspiration

Scandi goes cosy

For a more modern style, petrol blue is a real winner. From the walls to the floor, there are so many ways to embrace the shade of the moment. Combined with light wood and natural materials such as linen, wool and ceramic, it's a new take on Scandinavian design. Cook, work and unwind in a space that will have you always seeing blue skies and silver linings.

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It’s a bluetiful day !

Let's create Cosy Blue

Make your own trivet with wooden beads

5 min
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