Emma & John Collection

Autumn - Winter decor trend No. 3 Emma & John

Take it slow

Escape the daily grind with Emma & John. Autumnal colours, checked fabrics and natural materials provide the perfect setting to unwind and create a cosy nest in any space at home. The pared-back, rustic style will give you room to breathe.

Time for yourself

Hit pause and spend some time alone. Rediscover old world charm through a light and airy decor that blends modern style with authentic touches. Mix mustard yellow, warm grey, global influences and geometric patterns for a simple, vintage inspired look.

And, breathe...

Artisan pursuits

Gather raw materials and natural fibres for a homespun decor in which authenticity leads the way. Embrace simple pastimes by filling woven baskets, creating herbariums and crafting workshops, all of which keeps you in touch with nature.

A stitch in time
Emma John Inspiration

All in a day's work

Refine the work-life balance and ease into office life at home. From living room to dining room, any space can work to enhance creativity. Take inspiration from your surroundings; typography prints, checked stationery, neutral colours and wood and metal finishes, for a reimagined industrial atmosphere.

Wooden you like to know!

Let's create Emma & John

Create your own storage basket with mesh

40 min
Emma John Inspiration