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Spring - Summer decor trend no.3 Palm Grove

Under golden palms

Sometimes, all that's needed is some peace and quiet - a stylish oasis away from it all. The Palm Grove trend puts well-being first as the softest nudes, Art Deco details and exotic hints provide an easy escape to your very own luxury hotel. It's time to unpack your bags!

A soft escape

Return home to a little me-time and relax! Shades of the palest pinks and softest nudes create a mellow atmosphere for tranquility and calm. Curvy shapes everywhere encourage a cocooning feel while delicate notes, such as tassels, add the finishing touch to this peace haven. Find your Zen!

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A palace of peace!

Art Deco, a rich idea

Check into your own luxury space: be inspired by Art Deco! For the living room, a vintage-style rounded brass lamp illuminates your decor with elegance. The curvaceous characteristics are also found on wall decor and the furniture. When it comes to motifs, the palm trees that are so synonymous with the roaring twenties movement are a nod to the exotic inspiration behind the Palm Grove trend.

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It's solid gold!
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The journey can begin

What better souvenir than some decor inspiration. Don't let your getaway end once you're home! Wall baskets, jute rugs, rattan furniture: travel pieces that mimic a luxury lodge. All these global inspired natural materials can awaken the classic style of a space.

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This is your private lodge!

Over to you to create a Palm Grove decor

Make an original wall kakemono with transfer paper

15 min
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