Trend Boston Collection

Fall - Winter Decor Trend Boston

Mellow out!

The trend that really reflects the city! The Boston decor trend embodies modernism, warmth, urbanism, and charm. Get ready to take your interiors to new heights with loft style decor.

A melting pot of materials

The Boston decor trend is all about contrasts, especially materials! With wood, modern metals and leather acting as the basis for both furniture and decor, we add velvet, smoked glass and pale gold for a touch of something special!

Style that touches everything

Chic without frills

Enjoy the charm of Boston's historic center from your home! A Barber Shop style corner decorated with leather accessories and industrial lighting, a super chic lounge with vintage shapes and contemporary decor, a kitchen with a bar, mismatched seating and graphic tableware: we’ve got everything to transform your home Boston-style!

I loft you !
Boston Inspiration

Boston sets the tone

Contrasts, and more contrasts! Here is a palette inspired by the Athens of America. A little yellow, mustard and ochre in textiles, warm touches of coffee, beige and sand in accessories, with black to contrast: these are tones that make you feel good!

Cut the mustard!