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Fall - Winter Decor Trend Select

Red carpet ready!

Art Deco style, rich velvets, jewel shades, embroidery and luxe materials– a perfect mix to welcome even the most famous guests! The Select trend drinks to the vintage glamour of an era of 20’s aesthetic opulence. So, dance the Charleston, lounge on a velvet sofa, and recreate the unique atmosphere of the most refined Parisian parties within your own home!

Sleep in an Art Deco suite

Shhh! You’re entering a Select bedroom! Here, luxury is omnipresent, but far from flashy. A subtle touch of gold, glass and velvet contribute to its elegance. A record spins on the gramophone as you read in bed. Luxe textiles contrast with matte metal and mirrors. In an environment like this, you’re going to have beautiful dreams...

Sweet dreams

Gatsby style

We love the chic extravagance of Art Deco style: its bold designs, vibrant colors and patterns, geometric shapes and gold details ... So, lean back, get comfortable in your warm living room, and enjoy your own personal bar. Enjoying life in style is an art!

The perfect host
Select Inspiration

The fine details

If you want to achieve excellence, it's all about the details. In the dining room, the fluted glasses have golden rims. In the bedroom, elegant fringing frames the bedside lamp. In the living room, elegance reaches all the way to the walls with a deep blue, green or purple shades. And don’t forget the finer details: vases, candles and statuettes add character!

Luxury held by a thread